Mayon Volcano in Bicol Region

Little Surprises

Expanding my circle of friends, not just from work, home or school, but even here at Word press, means so much to me. I always believe that true friends, who’d wish the best things happen for you, come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Pinoys’ Pandemic Comedy

While battling against COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of programs implemented by the government which caught trending in the social media. It’s only in the Philippines, we say! 🙂

The Underdog Fruit

Of all the fruits, Cotton Fruit or popularly known as Santol in the Philippines is the so-called the Underdog. Even among fruits, there’s a ‘bullying’ that exists. 🙂 Kidding aside, Pinoys would not agree to that. Sinantol or Santol Stew in Coconut Milk is a mouthwatering dish, that will give you a flavorful balance – a little sour, spicy and creamy – favorite in Pinoy’s cuisine.

An Ultimate Vegan Dish

It can be an ultimate vegan dish, without the shrimp paste. It’s a favorite dish in Bicol, a daily staple in most households being a very much affordable dish. Try our spicy and creamy Laing – dried shredded taro leaves in coconut milk!

All-Time Favorite Dessert

Back then as a child we would always see a lot of Kundol or Winter Melon in our barrio especially near our Fiesta or Feast for our Saint in May. Our neighbors would prepare Sweetened Winter Melon (Kundol) with Pili Nuts and we always look forward to having this perfectly paired dessert.

My Pandemic Resolution

So, just when I thought I could use these old coins that Father is keeping as one coin costs as high as $500-$1,000 now because of the pandemic, I decided to keep it and write a Pandemic Resolution instead. These coins are from the 18th to ealy 19th century. I hope no one won’t break the ‘piggy bank’ yet and be able to get by in this seemingly uncertain times.

The Emerging Paradise of the Pacific

Caramoan, a 2nd class municipality in the Province of Camarines Sur is the so-called Emerging Paradise of the Pacific known for its pink and white beaches. It’s where the Season 26 of Survivor which premiered in February 2013 was shot. This brought the island’s name into international fame. It is also where we discovered an inspiring story of pure determination and perseverance.

The Old and the Past

Our past has shaped our current state. Certainly our future will depend on us and how we value our freedom and democracy. Speak now or be forever dead, others say. We have two ears to listen well, eyes to see what’s happening and a mouth to share our voice. Let’s use them well as if we’re leaving a legacy for our children and our next generations.

An Idyllic Place

They say rivers are a symbol of how far we’ve come and of selfless love. Its crystal waters symbolize purity. Rivers continues to flow until it reaches the ocean as its final destination. I wish that I’ll be like the rivers, pure and selfless, until I reach my own final destination. It’s an idyllic place, where happy memories happen.


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