Maria Cristina Gino Baroso

I’m a proud Pinoy.

I love the Philippines, my country, with all its beauty and flaws in between. It’s a tropical country and boasts of white powdered beaches, highlands, volcanoes (especially in our place in Bicol) and so much more.

I work in the education sector. I’ve been dealing with the communities and locals for more than 10 years. I’m a mother of two kids and a wife. I would be happy to do farming in the future as I love to watch sprouting seeds turn to mature plants, flowers and vegetables.

I love to live for people. I’ve been a recipient of support from a foreign sponsor since elementary until college. I always believe that life is too short and that we can’t live alone to satisfy ourselves. It is always best to live for others, sacrificing and loving.

Working in the remote barrios of Bicol for more than a decade, I witnessed our own people, warm and kindhearted in nature, who even share their ‘ulam’ or viand, accommodate guests anytime and serve them with water and snacks, despite their poverty. I saw them get up from a devastation of a typhoon or the eruption of a volcano, never worn-out by disasters. They can always bounce back. Pinoys everywhere are a symbol of love and sacrifice for their family, never getting tired, always looking forward for a better life.

I’m inspired by Pinoys everywhere and would always say, I’m Proud Pinoy.

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