Turon: Sweet Crunchy Snacks

One of the most affordable snacks in the Philippines (very much affordable) and a blockbuster that anyone would surely love is Turon. It’s a sweet crunchy snacks that’s made of Saba Banana (banana cooking variant or you may try plantains for this) with sweet filling like sugar, sweetened jackfruit and mango wrapped in a paper-like or crepe like wrapper.

Every time I get tired of work, I would always request for Turon. It’s my comfort food when stressed at work and ‘running to beat a deadline‘. I usually work late until midnight to complete a report or comply with requests for updates.


Here are the ingredients. I don’t know if you have Saba Banana, it’s a cooking variant that originated in the Philippines, if you can’t find this, you may try plantains. At least 5 pieces almost ripe Saba Bananas/plantains, 10 pieces lumpia wrapper, and sugar. For this post, I just used sugar. And cooking oil for frying. The total cost of this snacks is less than $2.00 or around PhP100.00.

Preparation and cooking

Peel off banana skin, slice the fruit into two (lengthwise cut). Spread some brown sugar in the middle of the bananas as filling. Wrap with lumpia wrapper. Set aside for frying until all the bananas have been wrapped. Sprinkle some sugar. Heat the pan, add the cooking oil, wait until it’s ready for frying. Fry the Turon on each side, turning as needed, until they’re golden brown, about two or three minutes. Drain them in a bowl underneath paper towels or in wire rack. Have a sweet crunchy snacks!

Published by Maria Cristina Gino Baroso

Education advocate and travel lover

14 thoughts on “Turon: Sweet Crunchy Snacks

  1. looks amazinggg! i definitely should try this out. thank you very much for sharing this with us!! have a great dayyπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!πŸ₯ΊπŸ€

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  2. My mom told me about this food. I have to try this when I visit Philippines. By the way, I would like to nominate you for The Sunshine Blogger Award for posting positive and encouraging post! Please check my post for the rules.

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