Why Beautiful People?

Of all the titles, I chose Beautiful People. Why? I love to boast about humanity’s kindness, share how beautiful Philippines is and the people we have in the Country and all Filipinos around the world.

In February this year, we celebrated the Philippines’ Open Door policy carried-out during the time of our former President, Manuel L. Quezon. This Open Door policy saved around 1,300 Jewish refugees needing protection from the holocaust. In 1923 and 1934, the two batches of refugees arrived in the Country who were gladly received by the Filipino people.

A monument was erected in President Quezon’s honor in Tel Aviv, Israel with his words of welcome for refugees, “that the people of the Philippines will have in the future every reason to be glad that when the time of need came, their Country was willing to extend a hand of welcome.

I felt so proud of us and of our Country upon knowing this part of our history, that the Philippines has a strong humanitarian culture. As everyone is well-aware, our Country is almost always devastated by many disasters every year, you name it and we have it, we say. We have active volcanoes, we’re frequented with earthquakes, we’re heavily damaged by typhoons being in the Pacific and because of these, our Country is always a recipient of international aid.

Aside from the Open Door policy, the Philippines was also the first country to extend a helping hand and send combat troops to South Korea during the Korean War in 1950. Philippines has left a legacy in this historic war. In October last year, South Korea, thanked anew the Philippines for this huge contribution.

The Philippine Expeditionary Forces, composed of 1,468 troops was the fifth largest troop under the United Nations Command. Filipino soldiers bravely fought the enemies and defended our allied country even to their deaths. They took part in the Battle of Yultong, considered as the most heroic act of Filipino soldiers, who were greatly outnumbered by 40,000 Chinese armies. However, until the end, even with the cooks and kitchen workers helping, Filipinos held their position and never retreated to the advancing Chinese armies. The cold weather in Korea which Filipinos were not used to, has not distracted Filipinos to fight.

There’s a monument in South Korea for all our veterans who fought in the Korean War. So proud of our grandfather, Quilon Baroso, who was a Korean War veteran. 🙂

I must say that our humanitarian history, of brotherhood and camaraderie hasn’t been told to everyone in the Country. These pieces of history that I was so proud of and that I feel responsible to share to others made me write a blog. That, indeed, Filipinos are beautiful, same as the others who accept a person without prejudice to race and culture and extend a helping hand to anyone, anytime. #notoracialdiscrimination

Aside from featuring beautiful people (inspiring people), I love to share some places in the Country that I’ve been to, their fave dishes and common eats in the region. There are many tourist destinations in the Philippines and the people will be very much accommodating to receive a tourist. I hope that this pandemic ends soon, so we may travel once more.





Published by Maria Cristina Gino Baroso

Education advocate and travel lover

3 thoughts on “Why Beautiful People?

  1. Here I go, chadannnnn!!! and started making my own site, its all because of you, thank you for opening this new road, its a great opportunity to blog anything that wonders me, yeheyyy!!! thank you Mam TIN, your so great and am so lucky too!!!!

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